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Living Wills and Advance Directives are documents that allow you to instruct your Doctor and Hospitals of your wishes in end-of-life treatment and other decisions.  They provide an opportunity for you to appoint a Medical Power of Attorney, who you give power to make medical decisions for you when you are not able to do so. 


It is always wise to prepare a Living Will, not only because it provides your instructions for your medical care, but also because it provides support and care for your family, who can hear your voice and instructions when times come for difficult decisions.   The Maryland forms also provide excellent guidance through questions and options to help you think about the various options and give needed advice to your family. 

Advance Funeral Planning
& Letters to Loved Ones

Let us not forget that, in addition to all the formal documents and planning, what your family, spouse, children, loved ones and friends need are words of love from you, humor and care.   We all know the pain and confusion around losing a loved one.   A letter with loving words, some humor and guidance is powerful gift to those you leave behind.


  • Leave a love letter for your spouse…

  • Leave a letter of love to your children…

  • Leave a letter of love to your parents or other close family members…

  • Leave instructions for your Service or Memorial Service (and go over them ahead of time with your family)…

  • Think about where you want to be buried, or your ashes disposed, and give specific instructions…

  • If you want certain prayers, music, hymns… let others know.

  • If you want a party or wake, describe what you envision.

These gifts are also invaluable and of great help to those you love.

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