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Divorce is never an easy process in a person’s life. In Maryland, a divorce may be sought by one party to the marriage or both if the proper filings are made within the Court System and legal grounds for the divorce are determined to exist by a Judge. 

In Maryland, there are two methods for achieving a divorce: Absolute Divorce and Limited Divorce. 


Absolute Divorce is a term for the formal and final legal ending of a marriage. After a Judge makes a ruling for an Absolute Divorce, the parties are no longer married. In a Limited Divorce, the parties have the opportunity to set support, use and possess the family home, divide property and set other terms of their living apart, and these terms become part of a Court Order, which is binding between the parties although they continue to be technically legally married.

There are many other elements to consider when going through a divorce. At the Law Office of Kendall Summers, we guide our clients through the divorce process, advising them of their legal rights, and helping them to make wise decisions in the divorce process. We provide our clients with personal care and the attention needed to help them through the process. We provide our clients with experienced advice concerning their legal rights and stand by their side, while guiding them through the many steps, and complexities of their particular family law matter. We can help you with all the matters relating to your unique divorce and family situation. 

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