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Estate Planning

Estate Planning is all about taking the time to put things in order to ensure that when your time comes, your family and loved ones are not left in chaos, and know your wishes.  In addition to ensuring that your assets are passed along in the manner that you would like, and in some cases important for tax reasons, Estate Planning is a matter of care and love for your family and those you hold dear.  In most cases, Estate Planning is not that difficult.  


For Estate Planning, we ask our clients to fill out a comprehensive form, so that we can understand and make sure we give you proper guidance with respect to all your assets.   Our firm will then discuss with you the various options, help you with questions, and listen to your goals for your estate.  From there, we normally give a fee estimate for the work, and if it is agreeable to you, payment is made in advance.


Estate Planning often involves one or more of four different kinds of Estate Planning Documents, including: 

- Last Will and Testament

- Trusts

- Powers of Attorney

- Living Wills and Advance Directive

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