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Uncontested Divorce

When divorce is on the horizon, couples often decide together to pursue a divorce. In some cases, both parties to the marriage come to this decision together. Even if there is initial conflict, the parties through mediation, collaborative process, or negotiation decide to pursue a divorce in Maryland jointly. These kinds of cases are called “Uncontested” divorce cases in the judicial system. It means that at the time of filing, the parties are no longer in conflict, have settled all issues, and are pursuing their divorce jointly.

In uncontested cases, where the parties are trying to work things out between them before going to a court, the bulk of the work occurs before the court process. In these cases, the divorce process focuses on fair terms, identifying assets, and engaging in deliberate settlement processes. Uncontested divorce is facilitated through Mediation, Collaborative Process, Negotiated Settlement.  These processes lead to the creation of a Voluntary Separation and Property Settlement Agreement. 

At the Law Office of Kendall Summers, we are very experienced in walking clients through and supporting them during all the processes of uncontested divorce. 


In most cases, except where there is violence or a total lack of cooperation, we guide our clients first to seek an uncontested divorce.  This process generally leads to equal or better results, has lower legal expenses, and preserves the relationship of the parties (when possible). Not all cases can be resolved in an uncontested way, but if it can be settled, the cost benefits to both parties are usually substantial. In uncontested cases, filing is generally simpler and faster. If a case has been completely settled before filing for divorce, the time necessary for court processing and obtaining a divorce is much less.  

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