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Last Will & Testament

A primary tool for Estate Planning is your Last Will and Testament. When properly executed, your Last Will and Testament sets forth your wishes and desires for the distribution of your property upon your death.


The history of the Last Will and Testament goes back farther than most of us can imagine, dating back thousands of years to ancient Greece and Rome. The requirements for an effective Last Will and Testament reflect some of this history, including the requirements that a person be of sound mind and body and for two witnesses. We recommend that you have your Last Will and Testament prepared by legal counsel of your choosing, to ensure that all the legal requirements are
properly met.

Your Last Will and Testament should designate your Personal Representative who will
manage your estate when you pass, including filing the necessary documents with the Court for probate of your estate. It can set forth then to whom specific assets, such as your home, car, sports equipment, jewelry, or other personal items, should be distributed, and furthermore provides instructions for the distribution of your funds and property.

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