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About Your Initial Consult

Preparing to meet your attorney at your initial consult.

Once you have had an opportunity to talk with an attorney at our law office or one of our staff, the next step to find the appropriate legal counsel for your case is to set up an Initial Consult appointment with the attorney.  Attorneys will frequently talk with you generally about the firm and family in an initial telephone consult, and following this an in person meeting is usually scheduled.  This first in person meeting is called an Initial Consult.  At your Initial Consult, you will have the opportunity to come to the office, and meet with your attorney one-on-one to discuss your case.  So that the attorney with whom you are meeting can assess your case, you will generally be asked to down load the appropriate new client form from this website, or we can send one to you (or if it is too difficult we can wait and fill it in together at the first meeting).  The form is a bit lengthy, for it asks you to provide not only contact information, but also information particularly relevant to your case.  The more completely you can fill out the form and provide the information, the better advice the attorney can provide based on the facts.  You may also be asked to bring certain documents with you to the Initial Consult.

Developing your plan.

At the Initial Consult, our goal is to evaluate your case, educate you about the law in Maryland, and explore with you options.  We are mindful of the costs of litigation and conflict resolution, and so we will explore not only the formal legal options but other possible approaches to help you identify the best least cost pathway through to your goals.  Whether it is a trial case going to court, a mediation, or a negotiated settlement, we at Kendall Summers Law, have the resources and skills to help you.

Our goal, at the Initial Consult, is to help you develop a plan (or multiple plans) that will guide you through the often difficult family law process.
Below are links to the firm New Client Forms for your Initial Consult.  Use the New Client Divorce Form, if your case involves a future or ongoing divorce.  Use the New Client Child Custody Form if your case is not currently in the divorce process, and the issues involve only child custody. Use the New Client Contact only form if your case does not fall into either category mentioned.

New Client Forms

How much time should I set aside for my Initial consult? And what else should I expect?

Your Initial Consult will be scheduled for two hours with an attorney.  Generally, we provide Initial Consults for a reduced fixed fee for two hours, which will be discussed with you when you speak with an attorney or staff member on the telephone at our office.   Our goal as your potential legal counselors is to provide you with as much information as possible at your Initial Consult, so that you can experience the law firm, develop a plan, consider options for your next steps, and understand generally the costs involved in different ways of pursuing your goals.   The attorney also will be evaluating your case to ensure that this firm is able to handle your case and discuss with you the likely fees and costs for your representation.  The terms of any engagement agreement depend on the facts of each case.

Do you need to talk with a Lawyer about the specific facts or your case?

Call the Law Office of Kendall Summers.  Our attorneys can provide you with a personal meeting to review the facts of your case and apply the law, to provide you with the legal advice you are seeking.

Call the Law Office of Kendall Summers today at 410-224-4677 to schedule your Initial Consult.